Eagle avoids Rain by flying above the Clouds, PROBLEMS ARE COMMON BUT ATTITUDE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE..... ATHLEN MARKETING PVT.LTD INDIAS FRIST TRIPLE BINARY PLAN WITH AUTO UPGRADATION SYSTEM. .................................... 3 TYPE OF PACKAGE, PACKAGE 1 P1 -RS 400/-, PACKAGE 2 P2-RS 3500/-, PACKAGE 3 P3-RS 10000/- business plan- 1. P1.Bineary-1:1=100, 2. P1 Caping -.binary income 500 to 15000 per day 3.P2 binary- 1:1= 400/- 4.P2 Caping- 2000/- per day 5. P3 binary-900/- 6.P3 caping- 4500/- per day 7.P1 pin sale commission- RS 20/- 8.P2 pin sale commission- RS 40/- 9.NON WORKING income rs-1000000/- granted 10. Leadership income 10% of directs binary income 11. Weekly Payout, minimum 100 rs tranfer to bnk A/C 11.AVARDS AND REWARDS 13.Single joining product free home delivery Pls visit For full details call- 9474001986

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