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  • AFOFEE Is successful concept daily bank payment

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    Description :
    ☢100% Legel and Trusted
    ☢MCA Registered Company
    ☢All Legel Govt Certificate Avelable
    ☢Company Office In Mumbai
    👉🏻🌞company Name
    Shopping Portel Name
    भारत में पहली बार ऐसा इन्वेस्टमेंट प्लान आया है आप जो भी package लेते हो जिसमे पुरे पैसे का आपको Discount Voucher कंपनी के और से मिलता हे मतलब आपने जो भी पैसे investment किया हे उस पैसे के Discount voucher से company के shopping portel से आप जोभी प्रोडक्ट खरीदते हो उसमे से आपको कंपनी कि ओर से Discount दिया जाता हे।
    इस मे आपको 4 package मिलते हे
    1👉🏻professional package 6500/रू
    2👉🏻enterprise package 16,250/रू
    3👉🏻Premium package 32,500/रू
    4👉🏻Super premium package
    इस मे आप 4 प्रकार से इन्कम ले सकते हे
    1⃣ Professional Package 6500/Rs
    👉🏻0.5% Daily Task income 165day
    165Days x 32.5Rs=5362.5/Rs
    👉🏻5% Direct Sponsor
    👉🏻8% Binary-300$ Capping
    👉🏻4.25% sessions income
    276.25 x 40 sessions =11050 Rs
    👉🏻Totally income
    11050+5362= 16412/Rs
    Binary&Sponsors income extra
    2⃣ Enterprise Package 16250/Rs
    👉🏻0.5% Daily Task income 165 day
    81.25 x 165Days=13406.25/Rs
    👉🏻5% Direct Sponsor
    👉🏻8% Binary-300$ Capping
    👉🏻4.25% sessions income
    690.6 x 40sessions =27624/Rs
    👉🏻Totally income
    Binary&Sponsors income extra
    3⃣ Premium Package 32500/Rs
    👉🏻0.5% Daily Task income165 day
    162.5 x 165Days= 26,812/Rs
    👉🏻5% Direct Sponsor
    👉🏻4%sessions income
    1381.25 x 40sessions= 55250/Rs
    👉🏻Totally income
    55250+26812= 82,062/Rs
    Binary& Sponsors income extra
    4⃣ Super Premium Package 65000/रू
    👉🏻0.5% Daily Task income 165 day 325x165 Day = 53625 रू
    👉🏻8% Direct Sponsor
    👉🏻8% Binary-300$ capping.
    👉🏻4.25% sessions income
    2762.5 x 40 session = 110500 Rs.
    53625 + 110500 =164125/Rs
    👉🏻 Totally income 164125 Rs
    Binary & Sponsors income extra
    👉🏻Dayli withdrawal in any Indian bank & oxygen wallet
    👉🏻💥Contact Now Top position💥👈🏻
    👉🏻💥send me your Details for joining💥👈🏻
    👉🏻Mobile Number
    👉🏻Email address
    📞Call Now - 9902379037
    Name : ( afofee )
    Address : ,
    Company :
    City :
    State / Country : /
    Mobile : 9035943318
    Email : rinku1757@gmail.com
    Website : www.Afofee.com

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