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Boom Boom Boim Boom Boom To-Day Launch World's Largest Cricket On Betting Programe. Investment + Trading Daily Income Up To 200% Per Game Daily Bank Transfer Guaranteed No Risk No Libelity On Live TV Dekho Paisa Kamao , Pahale Aao Pahale Pao Ke Aadhar Per Big Leader & Big Sport Contact Only MLM Leader,Promoter & Frienchise Holder.

Business Plan
Registration $50
Free Bonus 60% = $30
Minimuim Investment $100
Maximuim Investment $10,000
Investment Sytems
$100 To $999
24 Month
ROI 10%
Total Profit 240%
Compounding 500%+
$1000 To $4999
12 Month.
ROI 20%
Total Profit 240%
Compounding 500%+.
$5000 To $10,000
ROI 30%.
Total Income 240%.
Compounding 500%+
ROI Monthly Equal Devided Daily ROI 30 Days
ROI Start Investment Date To 30 Days After
Referal Income
Direct Referal Income 10%
Maching Bonus Binary Income
2 Direct Must 1 Left & 1 Right Power Leg Carry Forward
Level Program
Bet Level Income
1st Level 1.00%
2nd Level 0.50%
3rd Level 0.25%
4th Level 0.10%
5th Level 0.05%
Investment Level Income
1st Level 10.00%
2nd Level 5.00%
3rd Level 3.00%
4th Level 2.00%
5th Level 1.00%
Rulles & Regulations
1. After loging, change your password.
2. After Login $2 - Dollar for every game will be charged. If you make a deal of match or session then the $1 Dollar will be charged.
3.Only $2 - Dollar will be payable in test games. If you make a deal of match or session then the $1 - Dollar will be charged.
4.The advance deal of one-day and T-20 will be taken half an hour before the start of the match.
5.The advance match deal will be taken 45 minutes before the start of the match.
6. All games in the match will be canceled as soon as the game is canceled or tie and the sessions that have been completed, according to them, the coins will be more or less.
7. At least $5 - Dollar and more than $10,000 - Dollar and Season deal will be made for at least $5 - Dollar and up $5,000 - Dollar
8.Look at the price during the match and deal with understanding. Any deals made will not be removed or replaced. You will be responsible only for all deals.
9.Your ID Email Verify & OTP Must
10.Global Trading Bet 2 Type Of Fund Main Balance & Bet Balance
11.Betting Profit Amount Deduction 5%
12.Minimuim Withdrawal $50, Maximuim Withdrawal Unlimited.
13.Withdrawal Amount 50% Send Your Bank Account & 50% Your Bet Balance.
14.Withdrawal Deduction 20% Weekly One Withdrawal For Free.
15.Withdrawal Daily Bank Transfer E-currancy Based Your Bitcoin OR Neteller Account.
16.Any Quary Complain To Company Admin Wecheat, Contact Us OR Email.
Global Trading.
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